Jon Marleau and Maddy James met in New Zealand in 2014 and have been travelling, sharing adventures, and making music together as Uphill and Still ever since.

Beginning in New Zealand, their adventures took them to England where they visited Maddy’s home and spent a few months writing songs and recording their first EP, "Elkonomic Develephant". Their gypsy spirits soon found them in Canada, Jon’s home turf, where they restyled an old '84, 19-foot RV, loaded in their guitar, mandolin, banjo, spoons and washboard, and hit the road for a new set of adventures. Busking, performing in living rooms, cafes, and farmer’s markets, the duo played their way from Cape Breton to Vancouver Island, making ground while sharing their music and honing their craft.

Winter 2016/17 was spent enjoying the people and surroundings of the Okanagan Valley. Between bookings for house concerts, coffeehouses and shows, they found time to make plans to record a full length CD and embark on a spring/summer tour. Starting from Vancouver Island, heading north to the wilderness of the Yukon, and finally re-tracing their steps east, Uphill and Still will be performing and connecting, continuing to gather stories and inspiration along the way. 

    “Acoustic, original, roots, bluegrass, blues, folk – no matter how you choose to define their music, Uphill and Still always deliver with an organic yet edgy thread that connects listeners of all backgrounds. Jon and Maddy weave their keen observances into their own songs, and bring an old-soul depth to their repertoire of unique traditional music, delivering clever harmonies and instrumentation that leave audiences feeling like they’ve connected with an old friend.”  

- Lynda Norman
Executive Director, 
Kelowna Arts Council