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Harmonies, Strings, Washboard and Things…


We are a travelling Two Piece. Our sound has been shaped by years on the road - living by busking and performing across Canada, New Zealand and Europe.

Our instrumentation includes, guitar, mandolin and washboard, occasional banjo, spoons and kazoo, with all of our passion poured in to our harmonies. 

To us, music is communication, it is more than genre, sound, and performance, it's also about the personal connections we make with those we share our music with.

Influenced by the heart and storytelling of old-time folk, and the rawness of blues, we are somewhere between traditional and rule bending. 

Short Bio

Jon Marleau (Canada) and Maddy James (England) form a powerful duo of raw, commanding vocals combined with strings, household percussion and, perhaps most importantly, influences of home drawn from opposite sides of the Atlantic.

The duo met by chance in New Zealand, 2014. Within days they embarked on a musical journey, allowing their individual sounds to grow together as they travelled. Driven by this growth (and not stumped by their lack of funds!) they ‘home’-recorded their first EP, Elkonomic Develephant (England, 2015) using what they had, when they could. 

Since their debut EP release in (May 2016), the they have spent 18 months busking and performing across Canada; from PEI fishing bars, to Prairie porches; from West-Coast surf towns, to festival stages in the Yukon, absorbing life into their sound.

Between taking time out to record their latest album, "No Time Forever", and a brief jaunt back to Canada for a Fall tour, Uphill and Still will be back on the road in the UK this spring, so follow your ears, quit your jobs and bring your spoons!



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Upcoming Events

March 30th - Houseshow - Draycott, England

June 14th - The Ropemakers - Bridport, England

July 13th - The Pink and Purple Party - Blackberry Meadow, Clevedon, England

August 1st-4th - The Green Gathering Festival, Chepstow, Wales

August 30th - “Night at the Abbey” - Glastonbury Abbey, England

Recent Event’s

February 17th - The Ropemakers, Bridport, England

January 13th - The Cider Barn - Draycott, England

December 7th - The Ropemakers - Bridport, England

November 25th - House Concert - Banwell, England

November 24th - Glastonbury Frost Fayre - Glastonbury, England

November 2nd - The Brownstone - Orillia, Ontario, CA

October 25th - Silversmith Brewery - Niagara on the Lake, CA

October 21st - House Concert - Beamsville, Ontario, CA

October 20th - Benefit Show @ Mahtay Cafe and Lounge w/ Jon Lepp - Saint Catharines, Ontario, CA

October 17th - Rooftop show @ Niagara Arts Centre w/ Creature Speak and Mike Legere - St Catharines Ontario, CA

October 13th - Private Wedding - Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, CA

October 10th - Old Speakers Live - Welland, Ontario, CA


Phone: (+44) 7858 687 613

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