Uphill and Still


Although their sound is not entirely traditional, Uphill and Still have sprung out from a life of perpetual movement and crossing of fingers, reflective of old-time wanderers bound to a life on the road.

Jon Marleau (Canada) and Maddy James (England) form a powerful duo of raw, commanding vocals combined with strings, household percussion and, perhaps most importantly, influences of home drawn from opposite sides of the Atlantic.

The duo met serendipitously in New Zealand, 2014. Within days of meeting they embarked on a musical journey, allowing their individual sounds to grow together as they travelled. Driven by this growth (and not stumped by their lack of funds!) they ‘home’-recorded their first EP, Elkonomic Develephant [England, 2015] using what they had, when they could. 

Since their debut EP release (May 2016) they have spent 18 months busking and performing across Canada; from PEI fishing bars, to Prairie porches; from West-Coast surf towns, to festival stages in the Yukon, absorbing life into their sound.

After taking time out to record their latest ‘D.I.Y.’ album "No Time Forever"[England, 2019] the duo returned twice to Canada for a mini tour and a sold-out CD release show, respectively. Now back in the UK for a summer of local pubs, venues, and festival stages, Uphill and Still will once again hit the road this Winter, so follow your ears, quit your day jobs and clang along.